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We offer a qualified Behavior Assistance Program focusing on skill acquisition and the reduction behavior problems

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Applied behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic approach that applies the understanding of how behavior works in real life situations with the aim of improving learning and effecting behavioral changes. The ultimate goal of the method is to decrease harmful behaviors that can affect a child’s learning process and encourage the development of helpful behaviors that encourage independence. As a result, an individual who has undergone ABA stands to benefit from improved memory, social skills, focus, attention, academics, and language, and communication skills. In its applicability, the program utilizes many flexible techniques such as functional behavior assessment (FBA), 1.1 therapy, behavior support consultation, and speech therapy at home. Thus, for maximum benefits, it is paramount that these interventions are effectively incorporated into the ABA program.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Functional behavior assessment (FBA) acts as an essential part of the ABA program. In it, a trained and qualified behavior analyst relies on a number of strategies and techniques to help assess and gain a better understanding of an individual’s skills and preferences. The evaluative session can last for 1-3 days depending on the individual. The information obtained is crucial in understanding why a person behaves in a certain manner and can also be used to identify the most appropriate interventions needed to address the child’s behavioral problems. Even better, the process helps the professions formulate customized intervention plan according to the child’s family situation, preferences, interests, needs, and skills.

1:1 ABA Therapy

1.1 ABA therapy is the other part of the program. This stage revolves around offering treatment as part of the behavior change process. The affected child is subjected to a number of therapy sessions with the aim of modifying their behaviors. For a child with less serious cases, it is recommended he or she seeks weekly help for a period of not less than 4 hours with each session not exceeding 6 hours. Individuals with severe cases can be subjected to the weekly services for up to 40 hours with each session not exceeding 6 hours. Such services may be provided exclusively by a behavior analyst. Although behavior assistant can intervene to render treatment services, they can only do so after receiving appropriate training and must be supervised by the analysts during the undertaking. To help monitor the child’s progress, it is essential that the professionals collect data, graph it and share such information with the parent of the child. Since such information plays an essential role when choosing the most effective treatment method, it is important that it is recorded.

Behavior Support Consultation/Parent Training

The input of the child’s caregiver can come in handy during the therapy treatment process. Therefore, appropriate consultation and training are paramount in enhancing the effectiveness of the program. Owing to the flexibility of ABA, parent’s training and evaluation can be done by both the behavior analyst and assistance in an array of environments including schools and homes settings. Lastly, it is crucial to do a follow-up about the progress of the intervention plan. To achieve this, licensed professionals should conduct home-based assessments and re-evaluations. They should ensure that they align with the ABA’s ultimate goal by providing an intervention plan that can be adopted by both the patient and the caregivers to achieve improved results that enhance independence.

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