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Speech Therapy

Our therapists can teach our patients how to prevent or manage a condition, and thus achieve long-term health benefits
Speech Therapy or Speech and Language Pathology (SLP)

Speech Therapy or Speech and Language Pathology (SPL) services focus on addressing communication skills and the skills necessary for breathing, eating, and sallowing. Speech therapy can assist with improving cognitive skills including problem solving and memory deficits that effect the ability to communicate.


South Kendall Home Care

Is dedicated to the provision of health services at the patient's residences. We have been serving Miami Dade area for more than 10 years. Our commitment the community's well being goes further than the patients we serve. We promote health, living and preventing medicine to our staff, partners and referral sources.

Speech Therapy at Home

Comprehensive assesmenents and re-evaluation to determine the patient's status and patient / caregiver ability to learn customized home exercise programs focused on patient's speech, hearing and/or language/communication disorders
Licensed, certified and professionally trained speech language pathologist or speech therapists will work with patient or caregiver in developing a customized care plan to assist the patient or caregiver in retraining or improvement of patient's speech, swallowing, comprehension and communication skills ti improve patient's communication with peers and caregivers, improving the overall quality of life of the patient.

Speech and language Therapy

Assistance and services are available through customized home health speech therapy care plans and goals oriented care for the following:

Articulation Skills/Speech Intelligibility
Expressive Language Skills
Receptive Language/Listening Skills
Voice and Resonance
Speech Fluency/Stuttering
Social/Pragmatic Language
Cognitive-Communication Skill and/or impairments
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
Swallowing/Feeding Issues

Speech Therapy

Assists in improving swallowing disorders and the communicative activities of daily living.

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